Blogging and Internet Marketing – 4 Benefits of Using a Blog

It is only recently that the power of blogging when it comes to internet marketing is being recognized. For a long time, blogs were associated with people’s online personal diaries. But know, savvy marketers know how easy it is to shape public opinion through such a “personal diary”. If you are a marketer, blogging is something you really should have in your arsenal. Here’s why:

1. Simplicity
Nothing can beat the sheer simplicity of blogging. If you use a free platform like WordPress or Blogger, you can get started within 5 minutes. You can very easily make multiple blogs focusing on different niches and influence a lot of opinion.

2. Authenticity
Because blogs have long been associated with online private diaries, people have come to expect authenticity with blogs. What the blogger writes feels like the truth to a reader. While traditional advertising can invoke skeptic thoughts, blogging feels more earthly and genuine – a great asset to any marketer.

3. Low Cost
You don’t have to pay a dime for starting a free blog at Blogger or WordPress. If you want to have a custom branded blog, all you need is a domain name and a cheap hosting account. You could get started for as little as $15 and pay just $5 per month for hosting. This is very, very low cost as compared to traditional advertising, where figures are quoted in thousands rather than single digits.

4. Conversational
Imagine being able to hold a conversation with 10,000 people at a time. This is the power that a blog gives you. Blogging is conversational by nature. You can initiate a dialog with a visitor and he can respond through the comments. Other readers can join in, and suddenly, you have dozens of people talking about a topic. Imagine the marketing possibilities!

The Difference Between Blogging and Internet Marketing

Many bloggers start out thinking that they’re going to make their million by blogging on a topic that they find interesting. While there are certainly exceptions, in general this is a sure fire way to failure. Let me clarify that I have nothing against blogging (I myself run a blog), but blogging for the purpose of creating income is rarely a profitable exploit.

So why is this? Most bloggers forget the two most crucial parts of internet marketing, which are keyword selection and competition analysis.

This is the difference between internet marketing and blogging. Bloggers write about what they know and what they like. Internet marketers look at what people want to read about (by looking at what’s being searched for) and provide it for them. Bloggers will write about a topic whether there’s a demand or not.

Before starting a new website (if you’re planning to make money from it) you should do some keyword research to find out what people are actually searching for. From there, you can write content based on those keywords (which will attract a lot more traffic than if you were to write content unguided). In addition to keyword research, you should also do some basic competition analysis on your chosen keywords to find out whether you have a realistic chance of ranking for them. While you technically can rank for any keyword out there, if you’re just starting out it might be better to go after the ‘low hanging fruit’ since you’ll have a much higher chance of success.